About us

In 1995, "Paris Coffee Co Ltd UK" was founded with sole owner Mr. Paris Diamandouros and business activity was the export of coffee from the transit area of Thessaloniki to nearby countries such as Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania and Serbia, areas which are closer to Thessaloniki than from Koper port in Slovenia. Another company named "DST Trading" located in Cyprus was founded with partner Mr. Paris Diamantouros and Mr. Dimos Tsolakis & his sons Stavros & Dimitris. This company's activity was the import and export of all kind of nuts and other commodities.

n the year 2000, those two companies consolidated and formed "PARIS DST Trading Company" in Cyprus. Main business of the company was coffee but nuts also remained in practice. This company gradually built a very good name both with its suppliers and customers - coffee bags with "PARIS DST" marks were considered of premium quality, as indeed they were.

Until 2007, the last year of business activity, "PARIS DST" grew and became to be the most important coffee merchant in Thessaloniki, competing locally but also internationally with the other traders in Koper. The more important factor of this growth was, of course, the impeccable reputation of the company in these markets.

On the first day of 2008, ECOM Agroindustrial Corp. Ltd. invested in taking over Paris DST operations in Greece. The customer portofolio remained unchanged and now with a bigger structure, the company is due to growth even more in the Balkan markets.

With a warehouse capacity of 25'000 bags on permanent basis by taking place in strategic position as Thessaloniki is, Paris DST is able to serve not only all countries around Greece such as Fyrom, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia but also to cover urgent needs of other countries with sales to Armenia, Italy and Georgia as well. With regular vessel lines available from Thessaloniki to Black Sea every week, our warehouse could become soon substantive transit station with qualities of coffees are being sold regularly in Black Sea such as Indonesian Robustas.

We are selling in the domestic market to local retailers and roasters custom cleared coffee. Services during the execution of the contracts such as loading, reweighing, custom clearance are being provided quickly and effectively, only goal is customer to be served on time, be satisfied and buy again some quantities from us.

Our activities have been developped over the past year offering coffee not only on the spot in Thessaloniki but also CIF basis to other destinations, to the ports of Varna in Bulgaria and Durres in Albania mainly. Paris DST is also owning stocks in Koper through which we are selling coffee to customers located in East Serbia , Bar and Ploce. Our strategy is always trying find ways to be expanded our market coverage.

The unlimited energy we have in Paris DST is due to our long experience in coffee and the deep market knowledge so that we have the availability of coffee on a permanent basis to meet the needs of our customers on time.

All the above have made us known throughout the Balkan region and even further, as the best supplier of raw coffee!